During the hackathon the team from Bulbagarden will provide a you a list of games that they can play and stream on Twitch. After choosing a game, your team can focus on the main assignment: designing, developing and testing a new way to create interaction between the streamer and their audience.

Whatever the interaction becomes, it will need to displayed in a design template. This can consist of the game interface, the video of the streamer, and other display elements that can facilitate interaction. This design, for which we will provide you a template, will be loaded either in OBS or in XSplit, depending of the type of game that your team chose. Beside this front-end function your team could also provide and extra dashboard functionality (on an extra screen), which is only viewable to the streamer.

Two examples – wireframe and design

How to build the interaction

For the audience interaction you can use whatever tool you believe is suitable. If you believe it is feasible and you have technical capacity in your team, build something from scratch using JavaScript libraries such as React, basic HTML/CSS and JSON/XML. You can also use existing tools such as Smart Click Maps which creates interactive visualisation that can be inserted into your stream by the use of a Window Capture in OBS.

Next to this you can also use the Twitch REST Api to create integrations directly for Twitch. For documentation on how to get started with building an extension you can take a look at the the developer rig, which can be downloaded here on Github and you can find a Hello World example on Github.

Technical developments are appreciated but the hackathon is aiming to demonstrate the use of data source and audience interaction, which is also possible using less technical visualisation tools like a presentation editor or a dynamic website. These visualisations can be mixed in the broadcast and made interactive by using the chat (via Twitch API ex: NightBot) or a Smart Click Map. In addition to coders, people with experience in communication and media design, are encouraged to join.

Technical assistance

During the Twitchathon professionals from the companies Noterik and ExMachina will assist you in building the prototype by providing knowledge, expertise and insights.