Live video is increasingly popular, especially with gaming, as seen by the rise of live features on YouTube, Facebook and Twitch. Untill now interactions between the streamer and viewer have been limited to chat and comments. But recently there have been some new interactions possible, like the Smart Click Map Twitch Extensions. We want to challenge the teams of the hackathon to create a design template that facilitates new types of interaction to improve the communication between the viewers and streamers.

To make this a successful hackathon we are aiming to create multidisciplinary groups of participants. This includes students or young professionals in ICT, and content and concept creation. The hackathon focuses on creating a design template for the new type of interaction and testing this on top of a live game stream provided Bulbagarden. To achieve this, both creative and technical skills are needed. Keep in mind there is a limited number of people that can participate, sign up now!